Intrasenze & UAN-Safe

A safer and more resource

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Intrasenze & UAN-Safe

IKEA Young Design Award

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Intrasenze & United Action Network



Our Task

Create a safer and more resource efficient society

Intrasenze is a security innovation company based in Stockholm. Intrasenze offer public and personal security solutions based on an open community platform, United Action Network (UAN).

Spaceformula delivered design and innovation knowledge during the whole process to final launch.


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Finding the right naming structure for 12 companies and a foundation with several patented innovations and a bunch of software products was a time consuming task.


We finally came up with Intrasenze – "the inner feeling" which connected well with the company's vision and long term goals. 



United Action Network – formed to connect with friends and colleagues to create emergency alerts and notifications in public or private networks.



UAN-Safe – named after the community with the addition "Safe". This opens to add new products and always include the community in short.


We made logotypes, corporate identity, website and communication concept at an early stage of the project to help us focus on the software concept, design and functionality.


The naming process

UAN-Safe Overview

Encrypted communication, network creation tools and a personal alert central.

Send and receive public or private alerts and notifications

A public and personal security app that enable to alert people within certain networks or areas for quick responses in emergency situations.

The application is targeted to professional and governmental use and offer both subscriptions and free accounts.

A multitude of disciplines

Spaceformula have been deeply involved in every task from the early idea, concept, prototyping, system and functionality definitions alongside with business development, GUI/UX and design and branding for most parts of the project.


We learned a lot during the 3 year project.

Our strong ability to see the whole picture helped us visualize and design the UAN-Safe app.

Development Timeframe

UAN-Safe Definitions & User Manuals

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Branding and launch campaigns

We produced the first set of videos for the launch of the beta version in 2017. The production where done in-house and we mixed our own footage and photos with content from imagebanks. 

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Intrasenze Website

Intrasenze website

The intrasenze website is designed by Spaceformula. The production was outsourced due to other tasks.

The site is based on wordpress.

Works with the site is still in progress. Currently switching platforms and optimizing the site for future updates.


For more information about the Intrasenze project. 

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Case Study

Korea+Sweden Young Design Award

YDA 2019

Our Task


Create a simple, smart and sustainable brand identity and award trophy for Korea+Sweden Young Design Award 2019




Created as a unique collaboration between Embassy of Sweden in Seoul, Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) and IKEA Korea, the award aims to empower and inspire passionate young designers to make a difference for the people, society and the planet. 


Photo: Margareta Bloom Sandebäck

Spaceformula helps IKEA with the design and branding of the Korea+Sweden Young Design Award to recognise young Korean designers

In Korea where a vibrant, young design scene is emerging, the ‘Korea+Sweden Young Design Award (KSYDA)’ has launched to recognise young Korean designers, expand cultural exchange between Korea and Sweden, and to incite interest around the growing importance of design.

The KSYDA will be held under special theme every year, based on the three key values of innovation, sustainability and a better future. The special theme of the inaugural award is “inclusiveness” – meaning that great design should be available for everyone regardless of age, gender or background. 

The award is open to all designers working or studying in various categories including graphic, architecture, furniture, textile, and fashion, enabling young designers to express their creative and innovative ideas across different fields. 

The logotype where designed to suit the myriad of formats related to marketing this kind of event. It consists of a discreet typographic system created to announce the event without distracting surrounding content, photos or other graphic elements.

Adaptable typographic logotype

To accompany the simple logotype, we made an additional typographic model in various colours and styles. The brand recognition element where used in marketing, banners and general decoration for the event. It was also used as the base for the award trophy.

Brand Recognition Element

The story about the award trophy

The main objective with the award trophy is to capture the essence of innovation, sustainability and the future for the young designers participating in the competition.


The trophy consists of two themes and two different materials – the letter sculpture is made of PET plastic and is designed to use a minimal amount of material in relation to its size. It was first designed and modelled with 3D software and then printed in Stockholm. 


The foundation of the trophy is made of hardwood planks from old buildings surrounding the 12 century castle, Castillo de Denia in Spain. 

It is hand crafted with traditional tools by a local Spanish carpenter. A design based on 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. 


A combination of PET plastic and reused wood – ancient handcraft meets modern 3D technology. 


A small rural coastal village in Alicante and a modern bustling city in Scandinavia. In every aspect the best of two worlds. 

Congratulations to the winners!

The design process

From outlines and concept to a physical object representing the possibilities with modern technology and design. Part of the process was to find the right materials and follow IKEAs guidelines for a more sustainable environment. Each sculpture took a full day to print with the chosen PET material. Thereafter we produced the base in reused hardwood with traditional methods. Each wooden piece of the trophy is unique and carries small artefacts from the production process. 

The event

The 15th of June 2019, the award trophy finally landed in the hands of the young winners for this years event.

It was held at "Svensk Form" in Stockholm, Sweden and the trophy was handed over by the Queen of Sweden and the South Korean first lady, Kim Jung-sook.

The winners of the event 2019 is Yujin Kang, Sanghee Park and Haying Lee, all from South Korea.

Read more about the event here.